MATCH REACTION: Mark Fell Post Farlsey Celtic

Following this afternoon’s crucial victory over Farsley Celtic we got the thoughts of Mark Fell.

Fell started off by expressing his sheer delight at back to back victories:

“I thought we were brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

“We had to contain a bit first half but I still think we’ve had the two best chances, we could have gone in one or two nil up.

“What we did at half time, we worked things out a little bit, we put a plan in place, to stop the way in which they play”.

Fell then goes on to praise immensely the work the players put in:

“Based on the second half, I thought we were the side second in the league not them and that’s credit to the work that our players put in today.

“They did everything that was required of them and more, masses of heart when they needed it and two clean touches for two goals.”

Mark on the big performances this season against top sides:

“We’ve seen that kind of performance, the issue for us is that it’s not always consistently like that.

“When South Shields came here and they robbed us of two points. We’re great against them sides. We’ve excellent performances in against those up there.”

Looking ahead to next season, an optimistic Fell said:

“You can’t help but look to next season and think, if we do that against these teams, then we might not be a million miles away and that’s where, ultimately, we want to go.

“From that perspective I think it sends out a good message to the rest of the league in terms of what we’re about and how dangerous we can be.”

Sorry in advance to Matty Blinkhorn but we had to ask the gaffer on the wonderful first half attempt:

“I dont know how he missed! I dont know how he missed. He probably doesn’t need to do anything other than run into the ball and it’ll just drop in!.” Fell joked.

“But his header for the second goal, it’s just vintage Blinks. It’s a great ball from Dawson who was about to get a telling off because he’d had a sulk for not getting the first ball but he’s reacted to the second and Blinks has done the rest.

“But that’s why Blinks was brought in, in the summer. To be fair to Blinks he’s been excellent, hes turned a corner with his fitness and for me him and Charlie Bailey, they were the ones that changed the game.”

Just lastly, Mark Fell on the threat Hyde will pose and his confidence ahead of the game:

“We know what they’re (Hyde) about we know they use a plastic pitch so we’ll do some work on that. The lads will get a good rest cause they need a good rest and we’re gonna have another good go.

“We’ve got nothing to fear we’ve just beat second in the league at home 2-0, nobody to fear. From a consistency perspective we need to take that to Hyde in two weeks”.