1st team coach opportunity

Lancaster City boss Mark Fell is expanding his backroom staff and now actively seeking a 1st team coach to join his team. Following the departure of Rob Henry the role has remained vacant to maintain consistency whilst the team began their league campaign, but now is the opportune moment for the role to be filled. 

“It’s not a role we would usually put out there but after speaking to a quite a few interested people and taking a few enquiries I’ve not really managed to get the perfect match in terms of what I think will have a positive impact. 

It’s a big commitment and there is so many traits that I want in this person that I thought it may be worth seeing who is out there rather than me appointing an individual who doesn’t have everything we need, what I was also keen to do is not get someone in who I’m close to or will effectively agree wholesale with every approach I have, I want to ensure both me and the other staff are appropriately challenging each other to ensure we remain on top of our game. 

Clearly dynamic is essential and the right person needs to fit not only our very close staff group but our wider group to include the players and squad facing committee members. It’s a key role and a great opportunity for someone.” Fell said,

The role will be a good fit for someone with good non-league or pro club academy experience and the relevant coaching qualifications. Time commitment is all training and matchdays (usually Tuesday, Thursday evenings and Saturdays). Expenses are paid.

Some key aspects of the role include;

  • Delivery and support of the 1st team coaching programme, matchday warm-up, technical practices and other tactical/position specific training.
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships that support high performance 
  • Taking a keen interest in the development of young players at the club
  • Working within the clubs staffing framework, principles and values 
  • Technical and tactical support in games

Interested parties are invited to discuss the opportunity informally with Mark Fell on 07736 037607.