Matthew Blinkhorn talks preseason

Ben Reuven caught up with Matthew Blinkhorn to chat about the preseason so far

BR: How is preseason training going? Lots of running?
MB: Been tough but very good, had two-three weeks, had 6-7 sessions. Yeah, lots of running and it’s been very tough, but it gets you the base for fitness and that’s very important. Footballs have now been introduced which is good to see!

BR: How are you finding your feet at the club with new teammates?
MB: Good, I’m a bit older so I’m used to going into new dressing rooms. Haven’t been into a new one in about 5 years but I know some of the faces around the club like Craig Stanley so that helps. Team bonding is very good, comradery is there.

BR: You’ve scored three in two games so far this preseason, how does it feel to start preseason the right way?
MB: Obviously, love scoring goals as that’s my job and that’s what I was brought in to do. Started good and got a few goals. The main time to score is in the season but hopefully, these goals will get me the confidence to do just that once the season starts.

BR: How have the new players gelled with the long-serving players?
MB: New players coming in and the players from last season have been very welcoming and helpful. The manager wants us to play in a different way, which means we all have to adjust to it together and it helps we’ve got a social and talkative squad.

BR: We faced a heavy defeat to Barrow on Tuesday, does the fact the game was a preseason match makes it easier to take?

MB: Barrow are a good side and play a brand of football not many will try in the conference. They were a good side and we found it tough. Which is what pre-season should be like.
Results aren’t important in pre-season it’s about getting minutes and match fit. Although we are disappointed to lose we learn from it and move on. Everything is geared to getting off to a positive start against Matlock.

BR: Saturday sees us face Padiham FC, any thoughts on the game?
MB: Padiham is another game for us to get minutes in and one we are looking forward to.